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QAnon Graphic Archive

QAnon Graphic Archive

QAnon Graphic ArchiveQAnon Graphic ArchiveQAnon Graphic Archive

"Please add crumbs above in new complete graphic.
Organized and in order.
Critical for understanding and review
. "

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Those who learn to read the MAP are instructed to document it.  These archives are my documentation and PROOF the QAnon phenomenon has been a military operation with coordination of the White House.

"How many times before it's no longer a coincidence?"

Old Graphics

Old images I created while learning how to document Q and understand how the MAP works.  Trial by A LOT of errors. 

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They won't ask him for a reason....

Q started posting on 10/28/17.  Why hasn't ANYONE in the media asked President Trump the one question that would make or break the movement?

Why won't they ask him, "Who is QAnon?"  The video below is a compilation of some examples that our President has been showing (You) all along.